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..."believing in the beauty

                      of their dreams"


"The Valley of the Poets is the region from New Hampshire and Massachusetts to the Atlantic Ocean along the Merrimack River.  It encompasses the towns of North Andover, Andover, Haverhill and Lawrence. It has been home to talented poets of our past, including Anne Bradstreet, John Greenleaf Whittier, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Robert Frost, all of whom found their motivation through nature. Our dual mission is to celebrate them and to inspire poets of the present and the future." 

(Read more about the Valley of the Poets in Merrimack Valley Magazine)

This Is How We Do It

LITER-Art What is LITER-Art? Illustrated poetry. And shaving cream played a part.    

Memories of family road trips from Kline’s youth, driving from New York to Ohio and Canada, are peppered with Burma-Shave signs. About 7,000 of the small, wooden road signs dotted cow pastures and farm fields through America’s country roads. The series of signs advertised a brushless shaving cream, but they also became a fun part of travel, offering little nuggets of wisdom for passers-by.

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Whenever you walk into a bank, a library or a business you see art on the walls. Never do you see the written word. We are changing that with LITER-Art. At the same time, we are celebrating the imagination and creativity of children.

LITER-Art has been done in six different states, two Canadian cities and one project went to Lahore, Pakistan.

Staircase Poetry Have you ever seen an a capella performance? Imagine that performance minus to music, that is staircase poetry. Many children do not feel comfortable being in a chorale group but they are willing to try a memorized poetry presentation. Without being aware of it, these children are learning teambuilding, performance art, public speaking and memorization. Bring a brand-new concept, it has only been dont so far in public and private elementary schools in North Andover and Lawrence, MA.

Click here for the video.  


Workshops Karen offers workshops for students of all ages, from Pre-K to college, public libraries, scouting groups, summer camps, Sunday schools and after-school programs. The illustrated poetry pieces are created with coordinated effort by literature and art teachers; and depending on the age, parental assistance also.

Lectures Karen has been invited to present at senior residences, PTOs, universities, summer camps and various other organizations. Her main topic of discussion is usually World Peace in all of its many iterations.   




Coming in 2020


Valley of the Poets Tours will include four adjacent towns on the Merrimack River: North Andover, Andover, Haverhill and Lawrence. North Andover was founded by the first English-speaking published poet of the New World, Anne Bradstreet.

Poet Laureate Convocation—We are in the planning stages of a gathering of living US Poets Laureate of the United States. In an election year of such gravity, the values of civility and world peace are rapidly disappearing. This esteemed group of highly regarded poets will 1) focus on discussion to gain insights 2) offer the public workshop(s) and 3) create a collaborative body of work that will evolve into a future chapbook.

Ongoing: LITER - Art Exhibits and Staircase Poetry presentations with students in various cities and towns.​ Each year, new Poets Laureate of North Andover High produce poetry and mentor others through a Poetry Club and other projects, including a Poetry Jam • Bradstreet Poetry Nooks within the Anne Bradstreet Early Childhood Center and other locations will encourage parents/other volunteers to sit in a quiet place, reading to a little person, one-on-one.


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